On Good Girls

I heard a Dom refer to a submissive saying he'd call her a 'good girl' if she gives him a BJ.   Upon further questioning, he said that if she was begging her to fuck her and did it well then he would also call her a good girl.

Really? You pompous prick?  A girl submits to you and then has to literally open herself up to you too before you call her a good girl?  If a girl committed herself to being your slave...and is willing to give you her body, her heart, and allow you to abuse her as you see fit (in a BDSM context, of course)...only calling her good when she performs a sexual act is way out of wack. She craves your praise...but if you only give it for sex, you are failing to see all she is actually giving you.

A good girl is a girl who is honestly trying her best to please you.  If I arrive home and she is there,
all dressed up in latex and handing me a chilled martini...she most definitely is a good girl. She fucking rocks, my friend.

A good little slave girl is one who will take pain because I like to inflict it. She's good if something is tough for her but she presses on and keeps going because she wants in her heart to serve me.  And she is good if she does things to serve me without me asking.

Don't think of a good girl as only a slut who blow you. No.  It is the attitude of submission that makes her good.

And what can a Dom do to show her she is really good?
-care for her
good_girl_sex_slave-honour her gift of submission (it is the highest honour one can receive)
-make sure she has what she needs sexually, emotionally and even sometimes financially
-make her safety you primary concern
-always be consistent with her and stick to your agreed upon limits.

She picked you to be her Dom. So man up, and be the best real man you can be for her.


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