Squirting is Now in the Mindset of Girls

I had a conversation with a girl of 24 about squirting the other day. She commented she has only squirted once but that lots of her friends have done it. It struck me just how casual she was about saying this...and I asked her when she learned about female ejaculation. She replied, "I dunno, around the time I learned about sex, I guess."

I was the most pleased.You see, when I was growing up, squirting was not in any way on the radar of 'the average girl' (okay, this girl is pretty hot and not average at all...but she also attends bible study so yeah...) In fact, the first time I caused my girlfriend to squirt and soak her purple trackpants, neither of us had any idea whatsoever as to what had just happened or that it was even possible.

Now, thanks to the internet and porn, most young women know about squirting -- a topic that I was
introducing to girls when I was 24 and never encountered one that had any clue as to what I was talking about -- till she did it ;)   Now I am more wondering if girls know the word 'shejaculating' or not ;)

And I am just pleased as punch about that.

It almost makes up for the fact that squirting has been banned in the UK -- because a female having an intense orgasm is completely perverted, right?  This progress will only continue and there is no holding back the floodgates!


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