Vaginal Weight Lifting

Tatiana Kozhevnikova
I have done other posts on Strength Training for Your Vagina and How to Do Kegel Excercises to Squirt (this last one is a great place to start) but I have never posted a video on it. Till now.  ;)

I will do a quick recap. Women who want to squirt or to have strong vaginal muscles so they can please their partner more (or shoot a ping pong ball across a room)... need to work out their vaginal muscles -- commonly known as your 'PC muscles' and the exercises as 'Kegel excercises.'  The vagina has muscles like any other muscle in your body and it makes sense that if you work them out...they get stronger.   A nice thing is...strength training for a vagina has massive payoffs because the goal is to 'be able to squeeze really hard' and not 'work up to bench pressing 250 lbs'.
This is the world champ for strongest vaj
And strong vaginal muscles means that g-spot stimulation is more likely to result in a female ejaculation.  And why would you want to female ejaculate? Because squirting looks, feels and tastes awesome. That's why.   Every woman can vajaculate  aka shejaculate -- don't listen to the morons that say different. If a woman is willing to work out her gspot muscles and practice bearing down while having her gspot stimulated...the result will invariably be female ejacualation.  Maybe not the first time you try...but with some preserverance, she will squirt.

And strength training really helps with this. So here's a cute video that will help you visualize what that might look like:

Of course, if you want to get further into vaginal weight lifting read here.


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