Mommy's taking this home for later

People say this is a completely inappropriate children's slide...My slave sent me a video, below...but I don't see anything at all wrong with it at all.  

Can you spot what is wrong with this? What is inappropriate about this? I just don't see it at all.


She even made a joke that the rest of the slide looks like a train. "So it's the bang train I guess!"  I don't get it. Whatever could she be talking about?

Damn, I am texting with her...asking for clarification and she just said, "if there were a kid in a sailor suit using that slide he'd be the perfect seaman‏."

I am sooo confuzzed.   

Now as a hint she is sent me a hint with 'the foxy black mama equivalent' but all I see is a fun looking pirate slide:
"It looks fun to lick" hmmm...does it look like chocolate to her??


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