Unicorns are real.  In the BDSM community, a unicorn is a single, hot, bisexual female who is submissive and enjoys playing with couples.  So why would a girl like this be called a unicorn? Because she's extremely rare and hard to find. Some even suppose that she's mythical and doesn't exist in the real world.  Even if you meet a unicorn, *everyone* else is trying to capture her so actually luring one back to your dungeon is a challenge for only the most skilled -- or absurdly lucky.

I believe I create my own luck...and I am absurdly lucky.

Then again, I have been told on multiple occasions that 'threesomes are just a myth' and nobody actually does that.  Which is complete horseshit as 3somes are really common (they are fucking fun so why does everyone think they could never happen???? So lame.)

Just remember, sprinkle your fairy dust liberally on your junk, keep a positive, optimistic mindset and
your eyes peeled...these mythical creatures do exist but they often only show themselves to a hero that is worthy.

Little known unicorn facts:

  • unicorns always love anal sex 
  • they only fart rainbows
  • unicorns are highly intelligent and experts and witty banter
  • unicorns are always porn friendly and have better porn than you
  • unicorns magnify your sexual charisma
  • rolling a critical hit with a d20 results in the unicorn being really into every fetish that you have 


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