Girls, Would You Use a Urinal?

I, and every girl out there, have noticed that the lineup to the girls bathroom is insanely long -- especially compared to the non-existent lineup for the men's bathroom. It kinda pisses me off that I have to wait for ages for a girl who is caught in this traffic I can imagine how she feels actually trapped in the lineup with a full bladder.

The solution is simple: Women need urinals. Let's face it, women at a club are drinking and need a fast piss lineup that gets them in and out fast so they can drink and dance some more.  Sure, lots of girls are there to fix their makeup and change tampons or even feeding the sew gators. But the express line is what is needed.  Pee and GTFO.

But as soon as you introduce a private stall for peeing...out comes the smartphone and a quick game of candy crush or posting a drunken Tweet that will no doubt be taken down in the morning. Do guys do that at the urinal? Nope. Guys are there to pee so they go in, pee and get out of the way of the next guy who needs to pee. Then you dodge the sketchy guy trying to offer you a towel and a stick of gum for 'tips' and it's back to the party.

So instead of listening to female friends bitch about the lineup -- I think making a urinals section to the girls washroom would work wonders for reducing that line for all those with bursting bladders whose back teeth are beginning to float.  Then again, I am not a girl and maybe they enjoy this experience?

So girls, would you use a urinal?


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