Give It to Her (Old 'Massager' Ad)

advertisement-old-vibrator-sex-toyYeah, this old ad says everything just about perfectly.  Give her a vibrator and 'away she goes'!  I love how it clearly states that it gives 'penetrating comfort'...whatever could that mean? I am completely at a loss ;) there a 'sarcastic emoticon'? There really should be! If I find one, I will put it down at the bottom of this post.

I also love 'five minutes does the job' because...that's just awesome!

But the surprising thing is that the Men's vibrator cost $1 more than the women's vibe.  Because gay men have big slutty asses and require a huge vibe? Well...that doesn't make sense because some women will gladly spend the extra buck to get the 'large' sized women's vibe.

So overall, I think these guys need to work on their marketing. Then again,


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