Halloween Cosplay: Sexy Female Batman

Comic book hero cosplay for Halloween? You betcha! I've done the Avengers, the Xmen and the DC heroes of Wonder Woman and Supergirl....so now it's time for the Dark Knight: Batman himself!  Well, herself...as I am doing a series on girls dressing up in sexy super hero costumes to offer inspiration for Halloween (which is almost upon us!)  Of course, I also included Robin and bunch of the villians including the Joker and a sexy catwoman --which means pretty much any Catwoman.

The Dark Knight never looked so good.
And Robin. 

All of a sudden, the gay references between Batman and Robin start to be way more visually appealing to watch.

If you want to see some of the best, sexy halloween costumes of 2015, this is the place!
With cape -- I'm mentioning because you can't
stop staring at her cameltoe

No sexy Batman story would be complete without Catwoman holding
her whip

Harlequinn <3

The Joker

Poison Ivy...so much prettier than
 Poisson Ivoire

The Huntress


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