Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

It's the padlock that makes this shot.
Happy Thanksgiving, you kinky Canadian fuckers! Poly folks, I hope you spend time with family and all your loved ones.

Slaves, be sure to give thanks to your Masters in the best ways that you know how to show you are truly thankful.

Masters, be sure to tenderize the meat this Thanksgiving and liberally use your gravy.

Squirters, only you can provide the magical gift of shejaculation to squirt and spray your female ejaculate all over the turkey to perfectly baste in your juices.
Would you like a leg or breast meat?

For the riggers, give your rope bunnies something to be thankful for.

And for all those seeking hedonism and joy...give thanks for your health, your lovers and your ability to enjoy your body to the fullest.

Oh, and to the Americans...yeah! It's Thanksgiving here! You guys are late!!


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