Period Panties!

Ok, I'm about to freak approximately 95% of the guys out.  This post is on period panties.  Run now. And to the guys into menstruation porn --it's your lucky day! Or be brave and press on.  I don't normally review menstrual products (shocker, that) but fuck it...these seem way better than pads to me.   For girls who wear tampons...yeah, tampons are very good-- the best even. But what about when you go to bed for long periods (pun intended...hey, is that a pun on pun unintended???)  you risk toxic shock if you leave a tampon in for too long.  And there's also the risk of running out of absorbency and spillage.   Which stains the sheets. Gross.

It's currently a kickstarter (order here).

Enter the period panties.  They have a natural
bamboo pad which is super soft, absorbent and comfortable. And these are so much easier on the eyes than a pad -- which is pretty much the grossest looking thing on the planet.  So if you have to choose between a pad or period panties to sleep in...go for period panties!  Also, if you want to wear them all day when you don't have a chance to change tampons easily, these are definitely the product for you.

They have a really good track record for not leaking, even with super heavy flows. But the primary benefit is aesthetics -- they look and feel way more appealing than a pad.   Also, for your bf (or gf), it becomes a visual signal that your bleeding...just by recognizing the you don't have to feel a big lumpy pad and say, "oh...":/  *slowly retracts hand*

So give period panties a shot.  Fair warning...the designs featured are not currently available in the absorbent period panties but they are available here. The actual appearance is pictured down below the video. I am trying to hook these two groups up to make the ultimate period panties (I contacted each group and gave them the other's contact info). Oh, and there's also this review of them here:



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