The Scarlet Letter

Monica Lewinski wearing an 'A' beside
President Bill Clinton
Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote a classic book called The Scarlet Letter in 1850. The Scarlet Letter is about a puritan woman (Hester Prynne) who is 'convicted' of adultery and required to wear a red letter 'A' for 'adulteress'. It is about a woman who spends her life helping the sick and poor yet is branded with shame for having sex outside of wedlock and is subsequently alienated from society.

This book highlights the moral background which continues to influence North American culture although 'sex outside of wedlock' it could be argued, has been transformed into 'sex
outside of a committed, monogamous relationship."  Every example I see in the media on almost every TV show and movie is a majorly angry, jealous and wholly inappropriate reaction to a partner finding sexual joy with someone other than yourself.  And I fear that people see how 'everyone else' reacts and when it inevitably occurs to them, they 're-enact' the only response they have ever seen. This leads to moronic responses like burning all of your loved one's possessions on the front lawn -- and these harmful, illegal and hurtful actions are somehow applauded by other morons on the internet.

The truth is...if your lover is finding love with someone else, it will often boost your own sex life, increase everyone's overall happiness and their ability to love you and be happy. That's right, cheaters often 'compensate' by having more sex and being more attentive with you.  But there is another way, which is polyamory -- simply accepting that humans are not programmed to be monogamous and that multiple relationships can enhance everyone's life and greatly decrease world-suck.

Oct 2015, Bill and Hillary celebrate their
40th Wedding Anniversay
This post was inspired by me finding a picture of Monica Lewinski, perhaps the worlds most notorious what meaning you give it.  If you decide that your partner had a fun time with a friend and is happier now...then that really works well - without a bunch of needless drama and pain.  
adultress - standing beside Bill Clinton with an  'A' pinned to her.  How appropriate.  And yet, in my eyes, this poor girl who has been much maligned, paved the way to show that Bill and Hillary can still have a strong marriage after 40 years together with lots of love and sharing. Sexual infidelity does not have to be the end of a marriage -- it only means


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